Words by Nick Hodgins

There was a full-on dance party at Terminal 5 last night as SPEAK, The Knocks and RAC took over the venue on West 56th and 11th. With their unique blend of electronics and indie-groove, Austin’s own SPEAK kicked off the night with good vibes and thick sounds.

The band came out to a steady synth wave and wasted no time in steering the crowd into complete dance mode. Plugging songs from their latest LP, Pedals, SPEAK incorporated an electronic dance groove similar to that of MGMT or Passion Pit, while at the same time remaining true to their instruments and indie-rock roots.

Tracks like ‘Carrie’ had the gradually filling crowd bobbing their heads steadily to the trippy verses before overtaking the venue with bursts of synth pop which you couldn’t help but dance along to. Meanwhile, the tri-harmonies of ‘Modern Art’, sung together into the center mic, encouraged the crowd to join in and warm up their own pipes.

‘Oh Lord’ was held down by a tight high hat and funky bass line while the lead guitar riffs complimented the swooning vocals. The quartet was undoubtedly having a good time on stage rocking out with the eager New York City crowd.

SPEAK is a band that appeals to both the electronic and indie-rock crowds. Bridging a gap of genres, they’ll have you conflicted about whether you should be dancing or rocking out, until eventually you will just let the music take over and do both.


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