Words & Photos by Rod Snyder

Steel Panther rolled into Philadelphia’s newest music venue The Fillmore, to kick off their “2017 Girls in a Row tour” in support of their latest album, Lower the Bar. The performance did not disappoint. Once the show started, you were transported back into the halcyon days of glam rock. Long hair flying, shredded shirts, studded gloves, and of course lots of neon colors, especially on bassist Lexxi Foxx.

Frontman Michael Starr is the quintessential vocalist – great range and knows how to capture the crowd with tons of charisma! Satchel (no, not Satriani) was amazing too. Shredding through songs like a hot knife through butter. He even took to the acoustic for “That’s When You Came in”.

The show also has a little bit of comedy mixed between songs. Kind of how the Sinatra & Rat Pack in the 60’s used to do, but a bit more “R” rated. They made fun of people and didn’t discriminate, but no one was offended, because the fans have a sense of humor and know how to take a joke! Not enough people in the world know how to do this…

Steel Panther are on tour in the U.S. until May, then they head over to Europe for a few festivals, then back in the U.S. for a few more dates.

Goin’ in the Backdoor
Anything Goes
Just Like Tiger Woods
Eyes of a Panther
Fat Girl
Asian Hooker
That’ When You Came in
Pointing Boomerang
If I Was a King
Girl From Oklahoma
17 Girls in a Row
Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the world
Death to all but Metal
Community Property
Party All day (Fuck All night)


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