Words & Photos by Marco Denzer

Following a two-year absence since their last performance in New York City, The Dead Daisies returned triumphantly to Racket NYC to kick off the US leg of their global Light ‘Em Up Tour. This was the first of a ten-date run that will take them across the U.S. before heading off to Europe for a lengthy list of shows.

Featuring a revised member lineup, including the return of John Corabi on vocals, Tommy Clufetos on drums, Michael Devin on bass, and David Lowy and Doug Aldrich on rhythm and lead guitars respectively. The band came out swinging with “Light “Em Up”, the newly released high-energy single from their forthcoming album of the same title.

The Dead Daisies came to rock hard and have a blast with their fans, and made no bones about it. Right from the start, as Tommy pounded the drums with the force of a powerful locomotive coming down the tracks, while David and Michael layered think and chunky rhythms on their guitar and bass, and Doug prodigiously cranked out his riffs and mind-warping guitar leads as if he was casting spells. John delivered his vocals in true rock and roll form, like a stiff shot of tequila with a lick of salt and lime chaser, his voice complimented each song with just the right tone, attitude and energy to make them shine.

With a career spanning over ten years and several albums to their name, the band assembled a whopping sixteen song setlist that had everyone in the place jamming from start to finish. They even included versions of “Fortunate Son” by C.C.R. and “Helter Skelter” by The Beatles that sounded totally badass. However, one of the best musical treats of the evening was their interpretation of the Willie Dixon blues classic “I’m Ready”. As John recounted the anecdote before playing the song, The Dead Daisies had recently spent time in Sheffield, Alabama recording, sipping some wine, and soaking up vibes at the famed Muscle Shoals Sound Studio.Fortunately for this audience, the band opted to play the tune as they arranged it during the sessions in Alabama… and it rocked! It was very well done.

To summarize the performance, it is absolutely fair and accurate to say The Dead Daisies are an extremely talented band. Their repertoire included hard hitting jams on one end of the spectrum and mellower semi acoustic songs on the other, but with a very consistent sound that draws your attention none the less. They have a musical fingerprint, or DNA if you will, that easily distinguishes them from their contemporaries. Every aspect of their songs, the arrangements, sound, melodies, and performance leave nothing for want or out of place.

Honestly speaking, they’re engaging and a lot of fun to listen, their connection with the audience is personal and sincere… as a matter of fact, Doug spent quite a few minutes talking and taking photos with fans before the show started, and last but not least… their musicianship is impeccable, it’s Rock n Roll.

Light ‘Em Up
Rise Up
Dead And Gone
Make Some Noise
I Wanna Be Your Bitch
Bustle & Flow
Lock N Load
Born To Fly
Take A Long Line
I’m Ready
Fortunate Son
Midnight Moses

Long Way To Go
Helter Skelter

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