Words & Photos by Marco Denzer

Few things define or epitomize Rock n Roll as well as a quartet that plays music with a hard driving beat and pulsing base lines, powerful rhythm and lead guitars, and a soulful singer gifted with an incredible vocal range, but that’s exactly what The Dead Daisies do. Drummer Tommy Clufetos, rhythm guitarist David Lowy, lead guitarist Doug Aldrich, and vocalist / bassist Glenn Hughes are the talented musicians that comprise the band, and they’re an absolute force of nature. These guys mean business from the minute they hit the stage to the last note of their encore.

During a recent stop of their “Like No Other US Tour” in Manhattan, the band treated its audience to a sixteen-song powerhouse of a show that was every bit as rocking as one may want to hear, this wasn’t just a bunch of loud tunes strung together and void of a good vibe. This was an intimate performance of carefully crafted songs, borne out of a collectively difficult period, but played with passion and good intent. The band’s mood on stage was light and the connection with the crowd was honest and sincere, but more importantly… it felt right.

The Dead Daisies began their show with “Unspoken”, the positive up-tempo tune from their latest release, “Holy Ground”. They then proceeded with a setlist that included songs like “My Fate”, “Chosen and Justified”, “Holy Ground” and a mix of other songs from their repertoire. They also played a couple of awesome renditions of the 1970s classic tunes “Mistreated” and “Fortunate Son”, by Deep Purple and Creedence Clearwater Revival respectively.

Watching The Dead Daisies perform live is extremely fun and highly recommended, because their vibe is heavy rock at its finest. The band has managed, through high quality musicianship and talent,
to distill the very best of the genre’s past fifty years and updated the sound without distorting or losing its essence. It’s all about steady drumbeats, shredding guitars riffs and bass lines, and
rocking vocals rooted in the Blues. It’s only rock and roll, but on this particular night it had everyone in the crowd feeling good.

Rise Up
Dead and Gone
Chosen and Justified
Bustle and Flow
Lock N Loaded
Fortunate Son
Midnight Moses
My Fate
Leave Me Alone
Like No Other
Holy Ground
Long Way to Go

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