Words by Corinne Casella | Photos by Jeremy Gordon

The Devil Makes Three sauntered onto the stage of Terminal 5 on January 27th to the clanging sounds of a high speed train. The three piece opened with a revved-up ‘Bullet’ that set the crowd into a frenzy. Raw and rasping, the group tore through their set with aplomb and a seasoned vivacity. As at home on stage in New York City as they would be at the Grand Ole Opry, the group creates their own intrinsic rhythms, coupled with lightning speed finger picking and soaring harmonies. Taking genre bending to the max the group played a form of punkified new grass and modern ragtime, inciting creativity from their fans, resulting in an organic mosh pit of mountain dancers.

Plugging their latest record, Redemption & Ruin, the Americana rockers played their own mix of bluegrass, ragtime and neoteric old timey with vivacious lust. Guitarist Pete Bernhard’s stirring performance was perfectly complemented with the authentic harmonies of upright bassist Lucia Turino and tenor banjo player Cooper McBean. Stand outs of the night included ‘Drunken Heart,’ ‘Hallelu,’ ‘Old Number 7,’ and ‘Do Wrong Right.’ The trio ended the show with vivacious lust for an encore of ‘Bangor Mash.’ An instrumental crescendo that culminated into an aerial dichotomy of good and evil, apropos of the evening. “Come on, help me with these iron wings. We’re gonna fly so high we hear the angels sing. Man, it feels good to have my feet off the ground.”


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