Words + Photos by Steve Melone

On a hot and muggy night in Central Park, a celebration of girl power began amid the Go-Go’s farewell tour. SummerStage hosted a hungry crowd excited to say hello and goodbye to the legendary pop-rock, girl-only troupe.

Despite the unforgiving heat, Kaya Stewart started the night loud and full of energy as she jumped up and down the stage. Since it’s a marathon and not a sprint, much of the audience paced themselves by lying down on the turf as the heat beat down on the city park.

Los Angeles natives, Best Coast, followed after, coming in with a slightly more mellow style that got more people off the grass and on their feet. Sporting a black Adidas top with a short white skirt, Front-Lady Bethany Cosentino was definitely prepared for the heatwave. She wore gold tinted sunglasses and grabbed her matching Stratocaster, asking the crowd, “It’s the fucking Go-Go’s farewell tour, are you guys stoked?”

The sun began to set lower and lower as Cosentino and band-mate Bobb Bruno went through each of their songs, showcasing their transitions in style over the past few years. Fans got the full spectrum of Best Coast’s catalog as the duo weaved in older, sunny surf-pop material like the crowd-pleaser “Boyfriend” with dreamier tunes from their killer 2015 release, California Nights. New or old, fans seemed to eat it all up, with highlights of their simmering set including “When I’m With You,” “California Nights,” “Feeling Ok,” and “When Will I Change.”

As the roadies cleared the stage and made sure the gear was up to snuff, Grand Funk Railroad’s “We’re an American Band,” started playing out of the stage speakers. The first girl only band took the stage and asked the crowd, “What’s up dudes!” Everybody stood anxious for the band, more energetic with the sun hidden for the night.

After a few songs the Go Go’s finally addressed the crowd, “Good evening New York City! Is it hot enough for you? We were really looking forward to this day, we love New York!”

Fans bounced along as the band played many of their hits including, “Vacation,” “Our Lips are Sealed,” and “We Got the Beat.” After they returned for their encore they came back with a cover of Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball,” and finished with “Head Over Heels.” At the end of the night the audience didn’t care about the heat, but about the music, and everyone brought their absolute best.

Best Coast Setlist:
When I’m With You
Crazy for You
The Only Place
Heaven Sent
California Nights
Who Have I Become?
In My Eyes
Feeling OK
Our Deal
When Will I Change

Go-Go’s Setlist:
How Much More
This Town
Mad About You (Belinda Carlisle song)
Fun With Ropes
Fading Fast
Cool Places (Sparks cover)
Cool Jerk (The Capitols cover)
Get Up & Go
Our Lips are Sealed / Here it Goes Again
We Got the Beat

Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus cover)
Head Over Heels


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