Words and Photos by Rod Snyder

The Magpie Salute flew into the intimate Ardmore Music Hall, located in Ardmore, PA, in support of their newly released album, High Water I. This is the group’s first official release of original material. They toured last year playing mostly Black Crowes material and a variety of covers and some of Rich Robinson and Marc Ford’s solo work. Look for High Water II to be released sometime next year.

The show opened up with the title track from the new album, which warmed the crowd up nicely. The show progressed a little bit, then Rich, Marc Ford and John Hogg were left onstage for a couple of acoustic covers, including Gram Parson’s “She”. Much like the Magpie’s setlist of last year, they are still throwing in some surprise tunes for the diehard fans, while supporting their new material. Things picked up again, with a version of Pink Floyd’s “Fearless”, Neil Young’s “Big Time” and a cover of Blind Faith’s “Had To Cry Today”. Wow! “Big Time” was last played by Rich, Marc and the Crowes July 20, 1997 on the Furthur Festival.

Next, they went into Rich’s song “Astral” from his release “Flux”. It’s just a kick ass song. Then in keeping form of what they’ve been doing this tour, they went into the few actual Black Crowes songs they play. They absolutely smoked this version of “Ballad In Urgency” and did the segue into “Wiser Time” just like on the Black Crowes release, Amorica.

Throughout the show, I noticed that John Hogg’s vocals are stronger and more confident than they were last year – he’s had more time to learn new material as well as any covers they are playing. With the backing vocals of Rich, Marc & Sven Pipien, they didn’t miss a beat. The show ended with the bands first single off High Water I – “Send Me An Omen”.

The Magpie Salute band is: Rich Robinson, Marc Ford, John Hogg, Sven Pipien, Joe Magistro & Matt Slocum.


High Water
Walk On Water
Open Up
Color Blind
Old Lady Sunshine
You Found Me
Big Time
Had To Cry Today
Shalimar Dreams
Can You See
Ballad In Urgency>
Wiser Time
Good Morning Captain
Send Me An Omen

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