Words by Audra Tracy | Photo by Travis Shinn

When was the last time you tried to coordinate anything between seven people? How did that go? Was it a tight, seamless experience? Was everyone smiling the whole time? No? Well, maybe we should all be taking notes from The Revivalists, because these guys – all seven of them – seem to effortlessly put on an amazing show together, night after night.

Just a few days before Halloween, the band brought their bass thumpin’, horn blarin’, pedal steel screamin’ groove explosion to Ocean Avenue in Asbury Park for a gig at the Wonder Bar.

After an incredibly funky opening set from supporting act Gedeon Luke & The People, our headliner took the spotlight to the tune of “Not Turn Away”, off their breakthrough record, Vital Signs. From there frontman David Shaw led the room through new material from the band’s summer release, Men Amongst Mountains, including especially catchy songs like “Stand Up” and “Wish I Knew You”. The boys were in no rush, taking their time exploring some epic jams, and even giving the crowd a preview of their Prince-themed Halloween show with a killer cover of “1999”.

These fine gentlemen from New Orleans have garnered quite the loyal following over the years – fans at tonight’s show traveled from all over the great Garden State to catch a piece of the action. Of course there were loads of ladies lined up along the front row, eager to lend a lyric, but males and females seemed equally enamored with The Revivalists as they worked the stage.

There was a lot of love in the room. And you know why? It’s a rare occurrence, but this is a band as genuine as its fans.


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