Words & Photos by Rod Snyder

Thom Yorke made his solo tour debut at the Franklin Music Hall (formerly the Electric Factory) in Philadelphia, last night. He is accompanied by Nigel Goodrich and audiovisual artist, Tarik Barri. The night consisted of heart pounding beats and a very trippy and almost psychedelic light and visual show, that is synced to the music. And let’s not forget Thom Yorke. He took care of the vocals, keys, some bass and guitar playing, and of course the dancing that only Thom can do onstage.

The sold out crowd was well behaved, like at the Radiohead shows. It’s always nice to go to a concert where everyone listens to the music, instead of listening to other people talk over the songs. Thom even thanked the crowd at the end of the show for their silence. The group focused on Thom’s solo work and a few other songs. Unfortunately no Radiohead material was played this night, but it is only the the opening night of the tour, and I’m sure the setlists will vary…

Yorke is touring in support of his latest release Suspiria, the soundtrack for the horror film “Suspiria”. Both soundtrack and film were released in the States back in October. The band will be on tour until December 20, where they will close it out at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles.

A brain in A Bottle
Impossible Knots
Black Swan
I Am A Very Rude Person
Pink Section
Nose Grows Some
Cymbal Rush
The Clock
Two Feet Off The Ground
Not The News
Truth Ray

Encore 1:
The Axe
Atoms For Peace

Encore 2:

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