Meet Boxerin Club:
Italian Pop Rockers Take CMJ by Storm After Winning Top Summer Fest Award

Words by Christine Loughran

A band manager referring to his group as ‘the best in Italy,’ might seem like a statement best taken with a grain of salt—until you find out that Boxerin Club, a five-piece pop outfit from Rome, took home the top prize at this year’s Arezzo Wave Love Festival, a near-weeklong music event that brings together hundreds of artists from around Italy each summer, before gearing up to perform at New York’s CMJ Music Festival.

This Saturday night, the up-and-coming indie stars are setting out to prove they can rock the States at Fat Baby on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, where they will help close out the fifth and final night of CMJ with the beachy new single, “Caribbean Town,” and other tracks off their debut album, Boxerin Club Aloha Krakatoa. Slated to drop in January 2014, Boxerin Club’s new disc employs the guitar, keys, percussion and trumpet, among other instruments.

“This is our first gig outside Italy, so we’re excited to be here,” says drummer Francesco Aprili. “About a year ago we decided to join Arezzo Wave with the aim to win the SonicBids award, so this is like a dream that becomes true.”

Boxerin Club has already achieved some major milestones prior to hitting American soil. First of all, Matteo Iacobis, Matteo Domenichelli, Francesco Aprili, Gabriele Jacobini and Edoardo Impedovo are all between the ages of 21 and 24, and got together only three years ago. Since then, their hodgepodge of folk, psychedelic and dance-able rhythms have made their way into such European publications as Britain’s NME Magazine and the Italian music monthly, la Repubblica XL.

The 2012 EP Tik Tok (Here it Comes) from Boxerin Club was also available for streaming on Rolling Stone’s website last year.

“I wasn’t kidding when I said they are the best band in Italy,” their manager joked later.

The guys in Boxerin Club say they draw musical inspiration from South America and the U.S., counting contemporary acts like The Dirty Projectors and Grizzly Bear among their favorites.

“Considering the importance of the New York music culture, this opportunity is so inspiring to us,” Aprili added. “This is a place where new music is always accepted.”

Listen to the band’s new single “Caribbean Town” here:

Check out Boxerin Club at Fat Baby this Saturday, October 19th, where they will rock the stage alongside Cultfever and Rah Rah. (112 Rivington St. (between Ludlow and Essex) NYC, 10002) | Italy