’20 Years Strong’

Tattoos and Touring with Josh Todd of Buckcherry

Words by Audra Tracy
Photo Credit: Jeremy Saffer

Josh Todd is at his home in California, taking in the last few moments with his family before he switches gears into ‘rock-star mode’. He has a big year ahead: this week, his band Buckcherry will release a new album, Warpaint, and then they will spend most of 2019 touring clubs across North America.

Before Buckcherry hits the road for string of U.S. shows, the lead singer took some time to talk tattoos, touring, and how to survive 20 years in the business…

“We wanted a title that was kind of big and bold”, Todd says of the new album. “Warpaint was a good fit. I’ve always been fascinated by heavily tattooed people, I’m heavily tattooed…and I think people put on warpaint not only to go into battle, but also to celebrate big moments in their lives.”

Todd’s fascination with body ink started early in life, way before his big dreams of rock-stardom became a reality. He’s really filled his canvas over the years, and his colorful collection is still growing to this day.

“I knew I wanted to be really tattooed from a young age”, he shares. “I was always mesmerized by it. I always wanted to be body-suited. I think I’m getting tattooed on Sunday, I’m gonna start filling up some stuff on my chest and my stomach. It’s good to have some meaning behind it for yourself”, he adds, “so you can really enjoy it over time.”

Another thing Todd really enjoys is recording, and he was happy to be back in the studio for the first time in four years to work on Warpaint. For this release, Buckcherry enlisted producer Mike Plotnikoff, who was behind the band’s platinum-certified album, 15.

“We went through a big transition and we had some lineup changes and everything, so we had a lot to overcome”, Todd says of the recording process. “We reunited with Mike Plotnikoff, who is such a lovely, talented guy, so it was great to be back in the fold with him. And so it just made the whole thing fun again.”

You too can have a whole lotta fun when Buckcherry kicks off their North American tour this week – chances are, they are playing a gig near you in 2019. New Yorkers should catch the band in action at Irving Plaza this March 29, with Joyous Wolf playing in support. Todd ensures that you can “expect a really great rock show”.

“There’s just not a bad song in the set”, he insists. “Our reputation, we have been known for our live show, and that’s like the best part of this whole thing is when we get to be in front of the people and see how the songs are connecting with everyone.”

Hard to believe, but fans have been ‘connecting’ with Buckcherry for almost two decades. Yes, their debut self-titled record turns 20 this year, too. So how does a rock band from the 90’s make it this far? Todd has a few ideas.

“I think first and foremost you gotta be passionate – because there has been a lot of peaks and valleys since then. You gotta love what you do. I just really like to work”, he admits. “I really like to make records and perform, I like every aspect of this business. Everyone in this band, they are lifers – they love what they do.”

What about vitamins, though? Do vitamins help?

“I’ve been sober 24 years, and I take good care of my body, but that’s all boring stuff”, he laughs. “Taking care of your body, and exercising, meditation – nobody wants to hear that!”


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