Pustulus Maximus Explains Why We Should All Just Give Up Now

Words by Waster Staff
Photo Credit: Rachel Naomi

While the rest of the country is slowly going numb from the current state of humanity in 2017, the gang from GWAR is barely batting an eye. For decades they’ve been slaying stages worldwide, insisting that Earth is an ‘insignificant shitball’ full of wretched human scum. And maybe it’s time to admit that these interplanetary warriors have been right all along.

Yes, GWAR feels right at home inside this dumpster fire of a year, and they’re celebrating the madness with the release of The Blood of Gods, the band’s first new material since the death of lead singer Oderus Urungus in 2014.

Just days after the album’s release, guitarist Pustulus Maximus took a few minutes to explain why we should all just give up now…

Tell us about the new album, Blood of the Gods. Is there a message? What will it teach us human scum?

The message is clear. GWAR is back and better than ever. We will not be stopped. This new record tells the saga that has been going on with us these last few difficult years. Humanity’s revolt against us, the trials and tribulations of moving forward without Oderus and our reclamation of the throne to ultimate power.

The third track on the album is the scorcher, “El Presidente”. If GWAR ran for office, what would be the platform?

More guns in our schools, more laws encouraging substance abuse. Lesser jail sentences but most crimes that would not be rewarded would be punishable by immediate death to avoid prison overpopulation.

This is GWAR’s first album since the loss of your leader, Oderus Urungus. How has that transition affected the sound on the new album?

We were able to focus on individual songs a lot more. All GWAR members have contributed to the music as a group in the past but on the last few albums Oderus was the only one writing lyrics. On this record everything was done as a group. There are songs on the record where one member may have written more or less than another per song but every one was involved in the creation of all of it. Very much a group effort. If you hate it you can blame it on me though.

The new album is available in a special vinyl bundle. How do you think vinyl sounds in outer space?

No sound in space, everyone knows that. Sound is nothing but ears picking up on vibrations. Space is a void with nothing to vibrate.

Do you have anything special planned for your Halloween show in New York City? How should fans prepare?

I plan on overdosing on drugs in the dressing room prior to showtime. I want to make sure I fuck everyone’s day up.

What do you do when Earth seems completely hopeless? Do you have any advice for the misfits of the planet?

Kill yourself now. Life never gets any better. Your parents got divorced because you are a terrible person and they are ashamed of you.


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