Love & Pain in NYC:
Breakups and Man Dates with Eric Nizgretsky of Loose Buttons

Words by Audra Tracy

Meet Loose Buttons, the cure for your latest heartbreak. The New York City based four-piece set is to release a new EP, Sundays, at the end of February, and they’ve currently got a hometown residency going at Pianos. As the buzz keeps building around the killer new single “Between Brick Walls”, singer Eric Nizgretsky spills all on recording, soul-searching, and his perfect man date with Alex Turner…

Your new Sundays EP sounds great! Can you tell us about the production process? Where did you record? What was the vibe like in the studio?

Thank you very much. We recorded the majority of this EP at a studio in the middle-of-nowhere, Connecticut with the intent of recording the songs live and to escape the distractions of NYC. It was our first non-self-produced project in a while, which allowed us to not overthink things as much. Going out there helped us tackle these songs together as opposed to individually, which I think helped the EP feel cohesive. It really felt like we were a family on these recordings.

The EP is about dealing with a break up. In your experience, would you say that NYC is an ideal place for soul-searching? How so?

Yeah it is for sure, I mean New York is in my opinion the greatest city in the world and is hands down the best city for some soul searching. It provides you with a ton of distractions and through those distractions you learn so much about yourself and the person you are becoming. On top of it, the city literally has millions of interesting people, it’s like an open textbook. I find learning from others is the only way forward.

How do you feel about that relationship now? Was writing this EP a healing experience overall?

I am so grateful that I had that relationship and I look back on it fondly. Without this EP, I might have had a different answer but “Sundays” really helped me move forward with my life and allowed me to positively channel the confusion I was feeling.

The Loose Buttons sound has been often compared to Alex Turner as a musical influence. If you were to get one night out in NYC with Alex, where do you go? What do you do?

Probably the best question I have ever been asked. First, I’d take him to a New York Rangers game, we would share some laughs and bond over an inevitable Rangers win. After the game, I’d call my homies and we would all buy him some drinks at The Library on the Lower East Side. We would discuss a range of topics such as his romance with Miles Kane, Brexit and probably delve into some music history. With our blossoming bromance hitting full stride we would decide, drunkenly, to go to my studio and write a modern day “Bohemian Rhapsody”. Alex if you are reading this, please hit me up and make this dream come true!

Judging by the EP, you guys seem like hopeless romantics. What do you think makes a good love song? Can you share some of your all-time favorites?

Honesty and heartbreak. If you never felt heartbreak than you never actually understand what love is, and if aren’t honest than you might as well not write a love song.

Valentine’s Day is coming up! What is the best way for a single guy or gal to celebrate?

Pop open a bottle of wine, light some candles, and swipe right on Tinder.

Loose Buttons has a hometown residency at Piano’s. What can fans expect at these shows?

Good times, turtle necks, and some old and new Loose Buttons songs. Swing through. | Sundays