“I’m the Dreamer and She’s the Doer”:
Matt talks shop about their new music video for “It’s Alright”

Words by Nicole Calascibetta

Looking for some tips in the bedroom? Matt and Kim’s new music video for “It’s Alright” might give you a few ideas. Recently I spoke with Matt from the energetic duo about the tastefully risqué video, how they met and life on tour.

Although Matt wasn’t too thrilled about leaving after their show in Florida and coming home to snow on his first day back, his bubbly persona didn’t waver. He started off by giving a brief back-story about how he and Kim met, “The simple story is we met at college, Kim made the moves on me.” Her tattoos and older age initially intimidated him, but ultimately, there was something about their chemistry that just worked.

“I’m the dreamer and she’s the doer, Kim is great at cracking the whip,” he teased. Matt further explained how Kim’s strict athletic background most likely plays a part in her work ethic and contributes to their drive as a band. “I would have never finished the album if not for her,” he said and claimed there’s something about waking up at five in the morning to go running that instills that type of discipline.

Kim wasn’t shy about showing off her killer running physique in their new music video either. When it came down to finding the right choreographer for “It’s Alright” off of their newest album, Lightning, Matt said, “We were looking for something with a little more booty shaking.” That’s where Tanisha Scott, choreographer for Beyonce’s “Green Light” and Sean Paul’s “We be Burning,” came in.

For all the blatant, sexual innuendos that thrive in most music videos, Matt and Kim found a way to just get right down to it in the most playful way possible. “Her biggest success was making me look like I could dance,” he laughed and talked about the process of filming the entire video in bed. With twenty sexual poses in a matter of eight seconds, he joked there were times when he thought, “Am I making a porn right now?”

When watching Matt and Kim on camera, there’s something about the pair that doesn’t necessary scream “Love me, I’m a rock star.” Instead, they come across as more grounded and even a bit quirky at times. “It’s confusing to me that people have personality changes through success. I see it, but I don’t know how it happens,” he tried explaining. Seemingly unaltered by their growing fan base, Matt recalled playing a festival where he ran into some crew members who weren’t allowed to make eye contact with the band they were touring with. He started laughing from the ridiculousness of the situation and couldn’t grasp how anyone could seriously do that.

Even though he doesn’t mind eye contact, he stated, “Put this on the record, I’m a total party pooper.” He went on to explain how Kim loves to try and instigate pranks on the tour bus and while they might not share the same humor, Matt said, “I’m very lucky that I tour with my significant other.” He claimed the hardest part about touring was maintaining their friendships back home and that they don’t get invited to many weddings or big events as much since they’re constantly on the road.

As for what’s in store, Matt said their main focus is performing. “We’re just doing shows every weekend, a lot of festivals, we’re just trying to work on music as much as possible.” He described being on the road as a constant collective process, meaning they pick up inspiration as they go. “The bottom line is, we just make music we want to hear.”

Matt and Kim will be playing the House of Blues in Atlantic City, NJ on April 5. Tickets are on sale now.