Making People Sweat
Leading The Dance Party with Brian J from Pimps of Joytime

Words by Audra Tracy
Photo by Joe Russo

Some bands are out there for a shot at fame. Some exist solely for the groupies. Some just need to let their demons loose in an artistic fashion. But as for Brooklyn-based funk outfit Pimps of Joytime, they are all about making people sweat. You know, in that don’t stop, can’t stop, won’t stop movin’ kinda way.

Known for their high-energy, soul-soaked shows, Brian J (lead vocals/guitar), Mayteana Morales (vocals/percussion), Cole Williams (vocals/percussion), David Bailis (bass/sampler), and John Staten (drums) can get your hips shakin’ in seconds flat. Basically, they could be the house band for the after-party in your head.

The Pimps are back on the road to bring their brand of ‘Janxta Funk’ to a city near you, including a local stop at New York’s Bowery Ballroom this Saturday, April 12th. The day before the spring tour kicked off, we spoke with bandleader Brian J about the inspiration behind the single ‘Booty Text’, the virtues of vinyl, and what fans can expect from their funky new album due out this fall.

Just this January, the band released a stand-alone single, ‘Booty Text’, an ode to the salacious search for some late-night lovin’. “That was inspired by the good old fashioned libido”, Brian J shares. “It’s a universal experience”, he goes on, “maybe not everyone, but a good few people can relate to that situation.”

And if the smokin’ single is a precursor to what’s to come from their forthcoming LP, Jukestone Paradise, we’re all in luck. “I think it’s the best album in the band’s history”, Brian says of their upcoming record. “It’s got a lot of heavy grooves.”

He says he hopes it will be available on vinyl, and since ‘Booty Text’ was released as a 45, it seems like a given that the full length would garner similar treatment.

“Vinyl is my favorite way to listen to music”, Brian admits. “There’s something about when you have something on vinyl, you can love it that much more. There’s so many mp3’s that you never listen to, but with vinyl you go through, you pick it out, you put it on the turntable, and it could be out for a month, so you just keep coming back to it. Plus, it sounds the best.”

But don’t worry, if you are a slave to the digital age, you can still get your ears on Jukestone Paradise this year. “Part of my job is making mp3’s sound good”, he adds. “I’ll listen to my mix on my phone, and if it sounds good on the iPhone speaker, that’s a good sign.”

Fortunately, fans don’t have to wait til the release date to hear the new tunes, as the Pimps plan on playing material from Jukestone Paradise throughout their spring tour, including the gig in their native New York.

“There’s always a special energy to doing a hometown show”, he says. “It’s pretty natural, you want to do the best you can and really kill it and have the best show of your life. Plus I love Bowery Ballroom, I think it’s one of the best live venues in the city.”

“We have such an amazing lineup now, and I really want to showcase what we’ve become”, he concludes. “Someone that saw us a few years ago might be surprised.”

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