Wild Adriatic:
Bringing the Blues to Mercury Lounge and Beyond

Words by Christine Loughran

When it comes to all things Wild Adriatic, the rule of thumb is that there isn’t one. Just because their sound may speak to fans of early Rush and Led Zeppelin, doesn’t mean they necessarily fit into the classic rock scene. And don’t assume that just because the band often performs in New York City that its members live in Brooklyn.

Hailing from Saratoga Springs, this soulful rock trio is gearing up to take the stage this Friday night at Mercury Lounge in downtown Manhattan, where listeners can expect to hear a smattering of what drummer Mateo Vosganian refers to as ‘hometown rock and roll,’ and ‘sludgy, dirty blues-rock’ off their upcoming release, Big Suspicious.

The follow-up to last year’s Lock & Key EP, Vosganian says Big Suspicious encompasses “a new phase of our music that has received a great response beyond our home area.” Wild Adriatic’s new single, “Lonely” is just one tune that crowds are already going crazy for. “There’s a really great guitar solo that people don’t quite understand before they start freaking out about it,” he joked.

Vosganian also owes audiences’ enthusiasm about Big Suspicious to the overall versatility of its tracks, a quality so many artists of today often lack. “We’ve found that a lot of bands have throwback rock & roll roots, but even though we fit in that scene, our music is newer and we’re not writing the same songs over and over again,” Vosganian said.

Instead, along with band-mates Travis Gray (vocals) and Rich Derbyshire (lead guitarist), Vosganian spent four months writing and two weeks recording a “full-length album with a lot of different musical styles.” In addition to featuring the aforementioned ‘dirty blues’, the record, set to be released January 21st, is also massaged with lighter tones comparable to Marvin Gaye. And of course, the upstate rockers pay homage to their own roots, which are firmly planted in a town roughly 45 minutes from Albany, in the track “Cooperstown.” At this Friday’s show, also listen for stand-out tunes “Can’t Be Your Man” and “Holding You.”

Wild Adriatic’s upcoming gig is the latest in a string of supporting and headlining gigs over the past few months that include the main stage at July’s iconic Gathering of the Vibes music festival, as well as venues across central New York, Texas and Massachusetts with Brooklyn rockers, Black Taxi. See them perform alongside Swear & Shake and These Animals this Friday, December 6th at Mercury Lounge. Get your tickets here…


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