Talking in Technicolor:

A Psychedelic Trip with Rachel Trachtenburg of Wooing

Interview by Audra Tracy

No one said being an artist in New York City was easy. But these days, Rachel Trachtenburg is making it look pretty damn enticing.

Her new band, Wooing, released their debut EP, DayDream Time Machine, last month, sending listeners on a true technicolor trip full of lush, sonic landscapes. Produced by Bryce Goggin (Pavement, Phish, The Ramones), the EP was certainly created in good company, too.

Recently, the trio has been testing out the new material with a hometown residency at Pianos, and they opened for Spanish IT-girls, Hinds, at Music Hall of Williamsburg just last week. In between gigs, Trachtenburg took a minute to speak freely about city life, studio vibes, and what’s next for Wooing this year…

Tell us about your new EP, DayDream Time Machine. What was the vibe like in the studio while you were recording?

RT: We recorded it all in Brooklyn at Trout Recording. Bryce Goggin did the whole EP. I was so excited to work with him on our debut release. He’s done some of my favorite albums. We ate lots of vegan doughnuts and got to hang with his amazing dog, Sunny, who was always at the studio. The recordings were done mostly live and on tape. It was a very magical experience.

What excites you most about the new material?

RT: We’ve grown a lot as a band since recording the first EP. I feel more comfortable on guitar now, and that’s allowed us to explore different moments in our songs. We have also been writing some longer tracks that are really fun to play live. Feeling and seeing how people respond is so special.

How do you picture your fans enjoying the album? What’s the ideal listening experience?

RT: I really like listening to it while in transit. Since we live in NYC, you’re always on a train trying to get some place. There’s something nice about being in public, but if you’re listening to music with headphones you’re also kinda in your own little world and nothing else matters. A lot of the songs have really psychedelic moments that can be very visual. I hope that people enjoy listening in all different kinds of environments, but for me it’s a personal connection and I like to have headphones on and be out and about on my own.

Do you think living in NYC has influenced your creative process? How so?

RT: Definitely. Living in such a crazy place makes you really appreciate nature. I get inspiration from enjoying the little moments of connection with nature. You have to work harder to get space to be creative, and I feel like that’s made my process more purposeful.

Two of the songs on the EP are inspired by documentaries you’ve seen. Have you ever thought of making your own films?

RT: It’s funny, I didn’t realize that till you just pointed it out. I have… I have a few ideas for shorts that are more-so in the horror vibe. Nothing that I have time to work on right now, but it’s something that I’d love to explore at some point.

Is there any message or intention behind the EP that you’re trying to communicate?

RT: It’s meant to be pretty close to the title. A true DayDream Time Machine. A trip into something a little more magical and some vibes of childhood. The songs have a lot of emotion and it’s a nice little glimpse of what Wooing is all about.

Can we expect more Wooing tunes this year?

RT: YES!!! We have been in the studio recording new songs with producer Jonathan Schenke. We are really excited and proud of how the sound has developed since recording our first EP. We are working towards a late-summer release for the new songs. | NYC