Asbury Park is still the heart of New Jersey music, and with the recent closing of Maxwell’s in Hoboken, its one of the only places left for music. Since 2006 there has been a succession of bands stemming from the rise of the Parlor Mob, an Asbury brotherhood that literally shook the pavement with howls of the devil’s moan. Two records, And You Were A Crow (2009) and Dogs (2011) embodied the glorification of everything sacred about rock n’ roll and served as testament to generation of kids growing up along the coast. As the scene evolved, the community remained intact. Parlor Mob guitarist Paul Ritchie began production work with Scott Liss at Retromedia Sound Studios in Red Bank in 2010, before working on Only Living Boy’s 2012 release of “Hide Nothing.” Lurking on the bottom of the bills at The Saint, The Wonder Bar was a hard rock quartet by the name of Empire Escorts. Now Empire Escorts tapped Ritchie to produce their new track, “Keep the Ghosts at Bay.” The cut is a follow up to the 2012 EP release of The Weather. The band hits the road in the fall.

Stream “Keep the Ghosts at Bay” below: | Asbury Park