St. Vincent makes her full length live streamed concert debut with “Down And Out Downtown,” a sepia toned tour de force of gritty grooves, hungover glamour and spellbinding musicality. “Down And Out Downtown” features live premieres of several new tracks from the acclaimed “Daddy’s Home” alongside new arrangements of hits and deep cuts from St. Vincent’s Grammy-winning catalogue—all played by St. Vincent’s top shelf Down And Out Downtown Band. From rollicking full band rave-ups to delicate acoustic interludes, “Down And Out Downtown” is a celebration of unforgettable songs and peerless musicians. So disconnect your landline, stock your bar, move over and let Daddy take over.

North + South America | August 4 | 6pm PDT

Australia + New Zealand | August 5 | 7pm AEST

Asia | August 5 | 8pm JST

Europe + UK + Africa | August 5 | 6pm BST

Check out the trailer below! | Daddy’s Home