Words by Nick Hodgins

Sacramento rockers A Lot Like Birds have released their fourth record, second under Equal Vision Records, titled DIVISI. The twelve track album is an incredible blend of intricate instrumentals, wide-ranging vocal melodies, and just the right amount of punch to keep you on your toes throughout the entire record.

The five piece band showed no hesitation when it came to taking risks on DIVISI, and in the end it paid off greatly. What could best be described as somewhere between experimental and post hardcore, A Lot Like Birds bust out all the stops for this album. Horns, strings, guest vocals, and panning so intense at times your head will be spinning as you try to wrap your ears around what’s happening.

DIVISI is a complete album that shines best when starting from track 1 and listening right on through. It begins with an eerie intro before transitioning to one the record’s singles “The Sound of Us,” a song that gradually builds tension on it’s way to the first chorus. “Just make the silence stop” pleads Cory Lockwood over a dissonant guitar riff and backup vocals.

A Lot Like Birds found themselves with a slightly new lineup for DIVISI, welcoming newcomer Matt Coate (bass, vocals) to the band. The result is an album that feels more polished than past releases, while still holding on to that same sense of chaos that lurks behind their music. The band teamed up with producer Dryw Owens, who did an excellent job on production without it feeling overdone.

To hone in on one specific part of DIVISI wouldn’t do it justice. Lockwood’s vocals act as another instrument in conjecture with Michael Franzino and Ben Wiace (guitar), Joseph Arrington (drums) and Coate on bass and vocals, the result is a sum truly greater than it’s (already impressive) parts.

Each song carries it’s own level of depth, from the spoken word on “The Smoother Stone” to the trippy stuttering bass on “Further Below.” The content is instrumentally and lyrically diverse, discussing themes such as life and death, love and heartbreak, and the pure, raw emotion that so often accompanies such topics.

DIVISI is out now in stores and available on streaming platforms. A Lot Like Birds is currently on tour with Household, Hearts Lilke Lions, and Owel.


A Lot Like Birds
Equal Vision Records
© May 5, 2017



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