Words by Dennis Ruhlin

Beck’s epic classic Sea Change came out in 2002. It’s taken 12 years, but we’ve just received it’s spiritual successor. Assembling a strikingly similar line up of musicians for Morning Phase, Beck put on his blues cap, and got to work. And while at first this album sounds awfully similar to Sea Change, when you really listen, it couldn’t be more different.

Sea Change always seemed sad. I never felt happy after hearing it. And that makes sense because Beck made it in the midst of a big breakup. The opposite is true now. Happily married with kids, living it up in SoCal, Beck’s vibe on Morning Phase just comes across as more pleasant. It’s a counterpoint to his feelings in Sea Change.

Beck does a great job of making sure everything feels exactly where it should be. Lyrics are perfect, choruses fit in very nicely, the instruments are so on cue that it’s almost flawless. The music feels like it’s radiating out of my headphones into my ears.

The whole album is very welcoming and really enjoyable to listen to. Imagine you’re on a kick-ass road trip, just cruising past beautiful scenery, enjoying every second of it. This is what you would be listening to.

Do yourself a favor, if you’re vetting this album, finish this review, and just go listen to it. No proper review will do it justice. I’ve already let everyone who has a pulse know this is excellent and worth their time. It’s warm, heartfelt, and most importantly, very, very well made.

Oh, and for anyone who hated the ‘Sea Change acoustic Beck’, remember, he’s also working on a funky follow up to Modern Guilt, with rumors of Pharrell having something to do with it, so, sit tight, because that’s probably going to rule pretty hard.

‘Morning Phase’
Capitol Records
© February 25th, 2014



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