Words by Veronica Silva

Small Craft on a Milk Sea is the latest endeavor from incessant virtuoso Mr. Brian Eno whose legend sustains throughout this record and definitely our lifetime. It is undoubtedly a proven fact that truly magnificent artists are able to channel very specific emotions through their creative exploits seemingly on command. Although, we are only left to speculate the true intentions of Mr. Eno, the sensations evoked as a listener compel this review to pour out of me.

Brian Eno is perhaps the purest example of an artiste who has repeatedly enlisted co-conspirators from David Bowie to David Byrne, although I am completely lacking well deserved mention to so many other monumental forces as I am biased and personally stimulated by Bowie and Byrne endlessly. The very first track, “Emerald and Lime”, misleads the listener into thinking Mr. Eno will guide you into a vividly serene world free from conflict. He directly negates this mundane notion the minute you feel safe and drives us into “Horse”, almost entirely generated by electronic discord.

Mr. Eno shows no signs of deterioration. One glance at the track listing of Small Craft… instantaneously filled me with sensations I maintain for the sake of the general public. It has been proclaimed “Eno is God” as displayed in true New York spray paint fashion through Manhattan’s Washington Square during the late 70’s. The passage of time has not made a dent in the supremacy of Mr. Eno’s pieces.

Mr. Eno is not a member of Generation X and was not fed the music software or music production technology as we were at birth. “Paleosonic”, denoting “early or primitive”, unquestionably contains layers, most evident in it first couple seconds, brilliantly compiled and coordinated in a deliciously crude fashion. I am full aware of the vast abundance of noise that is prejudicially labeled “electronic” music. So much of it – I want nothing to do with at all.

I urge you to not listen to me – listen to ENO!

Brian Eno
“Small Craft on a Milk Sea”
Warp Records
© November 1st, 2010



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