Words by Dennis Ruhlin

It’s been awhile since Chromeo’s dropped an album on us, but gosh damn has it been worth the wait. White Women is a sexual reminder that Chromeo is a whimsical, funk fueled powerhouse you should be paying attention to.

The album starts right off with a surefire, soon-to-be crowd favorite track called ‘Jealous (I Ain’t With It)’. It gets you up and gets you moving. The energy keeps pumping with the next track ‘Come Alive’ (feat. Toro Y Moi). It’s better than you can imagine. These two first tracks seriously rival anything Daft Punk dropped last year.

‘Over Your Shoulder’, the third track on the album, is a spiritual successor to the old track ‘Fancy Footwork’ from their album of the same name. It’s all about showing that special lady the love she deserves and doing your best to ‘get lucky’ with slick lyrics like “Cause it’s those little imperfections that make beauty in my eyes / I wanna be in the intersection of your th-i-i-ighs”. It’s light-hearted and kind of tongue in cheek, but still comes across as sensual and sincere, all while keeping you dancing.

Track four keeps the flow perfectly, with ‘Sexy Socialite’, a fast-paced, 90’s sounding, punchy romp through the club. We’ve all known the girl they sing about. She’s hot, you want her, but she’s constantly moving along and you can’t stop her. This song represents her perfectly.

For me, those four tracks were pure Chromeo bliss. Unfortunately, the album loses some steam as it continues on. I’m not saying it’s no good. It’s still great music, but those four openers, wow.

Some stand-out tracks towards the end include ‘Somethingood’ and the 80’s soul filled finale ‘Fall Back 2U’. The album is overall pretty great, but the power lies in the first few tracks. I could have used a lot more P-Thugg, but that’s my preference since I like to get real funky with it. If you’re a fan of Chromeo, Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’, fun music, or dancing your ass off check out White Women and get your groove on.

‘White Women’
Big Beat/WEA
© May 12th, 2014



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