Words by Dan Petito

Otherwise Law Abiding Citizens is The Disco Biscuits’ most viable studio effort yet. While none of the tracks on the LP are unfamiliar to fans, the band proves that, along with their 1998 studio release Uncivilized Area, they are absolutely capable of ripping it up in the studio. OWLAC is a party on a disc, and is a great example of the band successfully channeling the sound from a live performance and bringing that energy into a studio environment. The band headed into Studio 4, just outside Philadelphia, to lay down the inspirational tracks after an extended leg of touring. With their chops at an apex and seasoned from months of roadwork, the Disco Biscuits took two weeks and create an LP for the fans. Here is how the tracks break down:

1. Great Abyss (10:06): Since the song debuted in 2006 it has been a monster jam. Curiosity surrounded this track as it has only been played once outside the album as a standalone track so the build up to the familiar “hook” was something awesome to see the band experiment with. The song opens with a dubbed out spacey type of jam that slowly peaks towards the electronic-heavy beginning/middle section.

2. Spraypaint (8:41): A big crowd pleaser. “Spraypaint” has been in the biscuits catalogue for some time and is undoubtedly considered a classic. Often a treat to hear live, it’s great to a see some nostalgia thrown into this album as the band must have had a blast tracking a classic such as this one. The middle section of “Spraypaint” through the jam will trigger a smile only to be followed by a satisfyingly head-banging ending.

3. Feeling Twisted (6:44): If you’ve heard “Feeling Twisted” it’s very reminiscent of a familiar Chromeo beat minus the lyrics. Poppy would best describe the intro with some interesting guitar work supporting the synth and purposely funky bass. The jam in this track is top notch, mirroring some great places and spots the band reaches in a live setting.

4. Bombs (9:15): Their is a certain level of darkness to “Bombs.” A very bass heavy song from beginning to end, Bombs will force you to sing along and consistently echo the “Blowin’ it up, Bombs!” verse whenever you decide to listen. Debuting last year, when you think of this song and listen to it over and over it really does seem to fit perfectly into the Biscuits sound.

5. Neckromancer (5:41): The shortest song on the album does pack a pretty mean punch. It’s difficult to describe this song without mentioning the word “catchy.” The interplay between Aron Magner and Jon Gutwillig in the composed sections of “Neckromancer” turn this song into a monster, especially the collaborative build up throughout the jam.

6. Portal To An Empty Head (6:50): A lot of fans consider “Portal” a new classic of sorts. The song was included on a fan written setlist last year so it’s great to see some great reception on a newer song. The guitar solo on this track isn’t one to miss and is without question a highlight moment of the album.

7. Catalyst (6:23): “Catalyst” hasn’t gotten too much exercise in the live environment but it was good to see it make the album. The song’s positioned nicely on the album as a bit of a break from the heavy electronic stuff taking on more of a progressive sound, exploring the part of the bands’ sound that isn’t tapped into frequently enough.

8. We Like To Party (7:07): The name should paint a fairly obvious picture of this song. A very bass-driven tune, “We Like To Party” is a back and forth between bassist Marc Brownstein and keyboardist Aron Magner, both layering the song with it’s down and dirty dance vibe. The chorus of this song “We Like To Party, We Like To Party Hard” best illustrates the songs’ jam, which can potentially substitute itself for a morning cup of coffee.

9. Lunar Pursuit (7:07): “Lunar Pursuit” instills the feeling that you may perhaps be on some sort of adventure to the moon. The synth throughout the track paints a cool picture of space, but the song doesn’t really seem to go anywhere. Not a disappointing cut but alot of songs on the newer side and in the bands’ rotation could have proven to be a better encore to this “Otherwise” awesome album.

Disco Biscuits
“Otherwise Law Abiding Citizens”
Diamond Riggs Recordings
© July 12th, 2011



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