Words by Stephanie Russo

I’d like to thank the well-known American indie pop band Foster The People’s new album, Supermodel for making me crave summer and just the feeling of being free even more then I already have! Seriously, after listening to this album, you just want to be laying on a cabana enjoying a warm summer breeze.

Supermodel starts with a great track called “Are You What You Want to Be”. It was very relaxing, giving off a laid back vibe. If you aren’t going to let yourself completely just enjoy life while listening to this track, I suggest you listen to something else. This music is inspiring, all while keeping an edgy tone to it.

The next track called “Ask Yourself” had a calmer feeling to it. Mark Foster shows off his raspy, yet soft spoken voice that is almost impossible not to fall in love with. I immediately picked up on the path the lyrics were trying to take you on, as if they were teaching you a lesson about your own life. Not many bands can pull that off, but Foster The People goes about it in a casual, yet talented way. It gets you thinking, like, “what am I even doing?”

“Coming of Age” lures you in with its slow dramatic instrumentals, and I could already tell it was going to be a good one. Here the band switches its tones wisely – I like listening to something really upbeat, and then just chillin’ to something slower and relaxing. The title itself indicates that the band has done some soul-searching since their debut album, Torches. The lyrics “And even when I’m wrong I think I am right” portrays the young, reckless vibe radiating from the album. Growing up, you think you know everything, and I feel like Supermodel takes you through the stages of that experience.

The album ends with the track “Fire Escape”, which is much gentler then the rest of the tracks. Here, Mark Foster’s talented and irresistible voice really opens up. The tune talks about the kinds of obstacles and things you will encounter on a typical street like Lexington, and I feel that it gives us all a taste of reality.

Overall, anyone who is just trying to find their meaning to this crazy thing we call life can relate to this album. Supermodel left me calm, inspired, and truly impressed!

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Foster the People
Columbia Records
© March 18th, 2014



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