Words by Amanda Remling

G Love is back to his roots with his fourth solo album, Fixin to Die. Released on Jack Johnson’s Brushfire Records, Fixin’ to Die is a 13 track compilation of immortal covers and some saucy G. Love originals. Fans of G. Love will be pleased to hear that the Avett Brothers not only produced this bluesy, harmonica driven album, but play on it as well.

The album begins with G. Love breathing new life into Bukka White’s 1930’s “Fixin’ to Die”, just as Bob Dylan did in the 1960’s. This hip-hop infused blues song is a great way to start off the album, pumping up listeners for what’s to come with the rest of Fixin’ to Die. G. Love shows his softer side with “Katie Miss,” making girls melt with lyrics like “Dear Katie, I’ll miss you when I am on the road. But I’ll write you a letter, and I’ll seal it with a kiss.” The few ladies that weren’t already swarming him at shows sure will be now.

“Milk and Sugar” is a fun G. Love original featuring a chipper tambourine, banjo, and harmonica. It would be totally fitting to listen to this song while sitting on your porch rocking chair with some moon shine in hand.

A track favorite will definitely be Paul Simon’s “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover,” although “You’ve Got to Die” is a pretty amusing track. I’m sure all G. Love fans have wanted to say these words to someone at some point, whether it was the couple fighting in front of you at the last G. Love show, or the beer vender who cut you off a half hour into the show.

“Get Goin’” is another fun track that is a breath of “clean fresh air.” After listening to the harmonica on this track I am dying to get my own to fool around with (although I know it’s never going to sound as good as in this album). “Heaven” is another awesome track fans will love. The song has a definite Jack Johnson sound to it that had me wondering if he made an appearance in it.

G. Love rounds out the album with a cover of Velvet Underground’s “Pale Blue Eyes.” Once again the banjo and G. Love’s smooth voice perfect this remake.

Covers of classics can sometimes be offending to the ears, but G. Love proves that he’s got the special sauce to create a bang up album with Fixin’ to Die. Fans will definitely not be disappointed. I can already hear the album blasting from car stereos.

G. Love
“Fixin’ to Die”
Brushfire Records
© February 22nd, 2011



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