Words by Nadia Dar

Close your eyes and fall into the jungle-like bliss of Glass Animals’ debut album, ZABA. It’s got everything you could want from a record – rhythmic beats, adventurous lyrics and captivating melodies that will have you hooked immediately.

The first track, ‘Flip’, opens up the album by leading you through an enticing mixture of unfamiliar sounds and noises. It instantly sets the mood by introducing this eerie forest ambiance that becomes incredibly evident throughout the rest of the record.

‘Black Mambo’ is second on the album and one of the band’s first singles, for good reason too. Although it’s got an almost haunting sound, it brings a touch of R&B to the mix of already complex melodies, and creates this awesome soulful experience. You’ll hear a bit of that same ghostly R&B influence in tracks like ‘Hazey’, ‘JDNT’ and of course ‘Gooey’.

The album is not all slow jams and intricate vocals though; ‘Pools’ is the second single off ZABA, and it’s one that will have you on your feet in a matter of seconds. It’s got this captivating tribal beat stirred in with a playful blend of melodies and sounds that essentially create a jungle party for your ears. Definitely a good time.

Now if you had to ask me to sit down and choose one song from this record that I deem as absolutely ear-gasm-worthy, I would have to go with ‘Walla Walla’. It’s not as friendly compared to some of the other tracks, in fact it’s a little angry, but that’s what makes it so stimulating. There’s something about the on-going chanting of “take my hand” throughout the bridge that gives me the ultimate goosebumps.

Glass Animals, (with a little help from award-winning producer Paul Epworth) have definitely proven their worth in the music scene. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll be keeping these guys on your radar.

Glass Animals
© June 17th, 2014



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