Words by Lauren Sorce

There are few sensations that are notably euphoric: taking your socks off, laying on cold sheets, finding money in your pockets, and having a killer playlist. Lucky for you, indie-rock duo Honeyblood just dropped their album, Babes Never Die, on October 28th, 2016. Hailing from Glasgow, Stina Tweeddale and Cat Myers have created a stellar sound that is certain to capture you, as soon as you listen.

Oddly enough, the band’s name is perfectly reflective of the kind of music they produce. Upon looking at a girl group, many are quick to assume that they are nothing more than honey, but I assure you, Honeyblood pleasantly surprised me. Babes Never Die has a dark and edgy vibe throughout the entirety of the album, which I personally found to be rather entrancing. From the very start, their title track, “Babes Never Die” is this bold and defiant anthem, complimented perfectly with catchy lyrics and a pulsing drum beat.

And, as the LP progresses, each track seems to upstage the last. My personal favorite, “Ready for The Magic” expresses a variation of different rock sounds, such as heavy drums and powerful electric guitar instrumentals. Vocally, this track is ferocious and playful, with a hint of female sexuality and mystique.

To me, Honeyblood reminds me of a milder version of Joan Jett mixed with a bit of HAIM. “Sister Wolf” would probably best fit this description, as the sound is soft and whimsical like the voices of HAIM, while the instrumentals are a bit heavier, like one you’d expect to find in Jett’s work. But what is any good album without the incorporation of one obscure track? Personally, I find “Gangs” to be a bit more futuristic than the rest of the tracks on the album. However, with that said, Honeyblood do not stray away from their signature femme fatale boldness and use of heavy and often dark instrumentals, too much.

The entirety of this album is nothing short of mysterious, playful and even a little rebellious. The women have spoken, in both honey and blood, and as a result created some incredible music.

‘Babes Never Die’
Nude Music/Bucks/Sony/ATV
© October 28, 2016



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