By Martin Halo

The Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey originates from Tulsa, Oklahoma and was founded at the age of 19 by composer and pianist Brian Haas. Over the course of the next two decades the jazz project has been a beacon for tradition, experimentalism and psychedelic adventurism with a brotherhood of musicians expelling compositions that mixed improvisation with the invocation of moods.

The resident lineup now backing Haas, including Josh Raymer (drums), Jeff Harshbarger (bass) and Chris Combs (lap steel), had convened shortly after the release the One Day in Brooklyn EP to create golden compositions in Natura Studios back home in the heartland.

Stay Gold was released June 21 and includes solid and identifiable work. “Sensation of Seeing Light” leads with dominating lap steel arrangements while the ballad, “David” sports haunting piano progressions and spacey interludes. Melody drives ‘The Return’ before “Hamby’s Window” and “This is Our Home” round out the mix.

Stay Gold is the follow-up to the 2009 release of One Day In Brooklyn EP, which saw the band finding inspiration within the hipster sidewalks of New York’s outer boroughs and alongside the label boss which has provided continued support and artistic understanding throughout the years, Kevin Calabro [Royal Potato Family]. It was a recording that saw the group rebuilding after the departure of founding member and bassist Reed Mathis.

But as 2010 yields a new chapter of creative inspiration, the work carries on. In addition to the Stay Gold LP, JFJO will be embarking on summer dates in support and reportedly has a symphonic project in the works. Stay tuned…

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey
“Stay Gold”
Royal Potato Family Records
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