Words by Brittany Norvell

Still riding the California dream success wave from Born To Die and Ultraviolence, Lana Del Rey’s new LP dropped last week to a fanfare of praise and adoration. Honeymoon, released September 18th via Interscope, vibrates with the Lana brand of millennial appeal.

Sultry vocals layer over what can only be described, in some singles, as trap music – a cosmic force only Lana could pull off as powerfully and elegantly. The raging operatic softness, heard on “Terrence Loves You”, of Del Rey’s iconic melancholy croon shows off her vocal range and grander talent by evoking a David Bowie vibe – a “sweeter side,” if you will.

“Music To Watch Boys To” is a profoundly simple yet gorgeous rhythm and lyrical non-pop lament – very deep, yet VERY fun. “High By The Beach” reverts us back to her youthful “I don’t give a sh*t” phase, while “Freak” and “Art Deco” carry on that airy California sound like a slow, psychedelic drop beat wave.

If music is supposed to give you feelings, Honeymoon runs the gauntlet of emotions. It makes you feel naked, exposed, and deeply open. Though very early to say, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Del Rey in contention for this year’s award season, and with very good cause. Honeymoon may in many ways be her darkest yet most beautiful album, and it resonates to the listener in a way few have so far in 2015.

Lana Del Rey
© September 18th, 2015



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