Words by Corinne Casella

Lettuce is a band known for innovation and creative expression set to an undeniable beat. Their latest album, Elevate, out June 14th on Lettuce Records, is the group at their best; intricate and genre-defying. Both sexy and sophisticated in equal measure, Elevate, is the group’s sixth studio album and their first release of original music in three years. While the music certainly retains the tripped out funk Lettuce has perfected, it also showcases a strong forward-looking vibe. A surefire pleaser for die-hard fans and new listeners alike.

Aptly named, this album elevates not only the band’s musical prowess but potentially the listener’s mood as well. Throw this on in the background at your next party for an instant crowd pleaser, during a long meditative car ride, or anytime you need an upgrade in consciousness. Both chill and refined, this is the kind of music you’d want to hear on a Saturday night and on a Sunday morning.

Standouts include, “Everyone Wants to Rule the World,” which in this writer’s humble opinion eclipses the original with added depth and excitement. Any musician can perform a cover. What takes true talent is the ability to keep the bones of the original and then create something entirely new. That is art and that is what Lettuce has been able to create here. Nigel Hall at his creative best.

Other notables include, “Krewe,” a continuous wave of explosive afro-funk set to a beat with real fluidity. Dubbed as an Ethiopian funk song, it is well worth several listens to appreciate its full nuance. “Love Is Too Strong,” comes off as smooth and silky as your favorite R&B classic, with Lettuce’s signature funk thrown in for an energetic upgrade.

With “Purple Cabbage,” the band takes us on a hypnotic and sensual ride through the senses. While “Smink Dabby” and “Royal Highness” are funk at its best; cohesive and hypnotic showing off Adam Deitch’s impressive range.

Check it out for yourself and see them live this summer, see tour dates here.

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© June 14, 2019

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