Words by Dan Petito

Okay Mansions on the Moon, you once again have our undivided attention. If Paradise Falls and Lightyears weren’t enough for you to consider the group one of the most interesting recording artists of the last few years then Full Moon is an EP that, if capable of speaking, would be programmed to say “I told ya so.”

This EP is absolutely brilliant from start to finish. Bands that are able to so effectively weave such masterful song-writing with a sound as entrancing and, at times, so satisfyingly disconnecting as Mansions’ are few and far between – some may even argue non-existent. There are moments throughout this EP where you completely lose yourself, and aren’t even the least bit concerned with being found.

Elements of indie-rock are sprinkled throughout Full Moon, mixed with an over-arching presence of synth-pop too damn catchy to ignore. The two sounds manage to mix so well with each other and give the record an undeniable range. Keyboardist/Lead Singer Codi Caraco of Frank + Derol lends her voice to ‘More than Nothing’, a track that’s so pleasantly reminiscent of Death Cab for Cuties’ ‘Passenger Seat’ in the best possible ways. It’s the kind of song you feel you should be listening to with your eyes closed as it transports you to a far-away place for what seems to be leaps and bounds longer than 3:47.

Fans were awarded a few chances to get a glimpse into the EP; ‘Radio’, ‘It’s Not Too Late’ and ‘Full Moon’ were released periodically as singles creating some much deserved buzz around the October 14th release. The EP’s self-titled track ‘Full Moon’ opens the record nicely, a true “first kiss” type of song. It’s difficult to place if this song sounds straight out of the 80’s or from the not-so-distant-future – or some kind of wild hybrid of the two which seems a lot sexier (to us).

Track 5, ‘Radio’, stood out as the song most difficult to ignore on the EP. It’s a song you listen to once and have trouble not using it as the track that best represents Mansions’ overall sound. The term “catchy,” while trite and overused, really is the most effective way to describe it. It flirts with all the aforementioned elements scattered throughout the album and should succeed in having you sing or hum its’ chorus section for months following your first listen.

Full Moon is easily the bands’ most ambitious and diverse studio effort yet. The EP definitely has more of a synth-pop theme to it in comparison to Lightyears, with tracks like ‘Full Moon’, ‘Heart of the Moment’ and ‘It’s Not Too Late’. While it’s near impossible to single out any track on this EP, it’s difficult to ignore the brilliance of ‘More Than Nothing’. You could certainly think of it as a song synonymous with the feeling of being heart-broken, but simultaneously the feeling of temporary displacement and euphoric escape.

Mansions on the Moon
‘Full Moon’ EP
© October 14th, 2013



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