Words by Dan Schaffel

The newest album released by indie pop group Matt & Kim, Lightning, showcases a blend of rhythmic sampling, alternative vocal character, and upbeat, energetic tracks complementing the calmer ones. Their 3rd studio album in 4 years, the Brooklyn based duo gives out future live setlist staples like “Now”, “Overexposed”, and “Tonight”, as well as tunes to enjoy in your bedroom jumping on the mattress.

With the cooling, Brian Wilson/Beach Boys inspired intro on “Let’s Go”, our thoughts are that the direction of this material may have been focused on a blending of layering tracks. Combined with vocal melodies reminiscent of indie act Metric, intent is suggested that what we were given will in fact be a complete thought. Matt & Kim show their usage of breakdowns in the choruses of “Now”, “I Said”, and “Not that Bad”. Could be a fondness for heavy rock or hip-hop, but nevertheless, it works. It’s a polished weapon in their music arsenal.

“Tonight” and “It’s Alright” are the antithesis to “Overexposed” and “Much Too Late” – the original Skittles to the sour counterpart. Where “Tonight” helps the cover art illustrate New York City’s influence running through the veins of this duo, “Much too Late” expresses the high anxiety beat that most in the five boroughs have gone through at one point or another.

Thus, comes the resolve of the final track, “Ten Dollars I Found”, a sentimental conclusion clocking in under two minutes, reciting common words exchanged between friends, like “I’ll buy the next round…”. It grants the wish for completing the thought that began with Lightning’s opening song, and ends up being a grand work for Johnson’s & Schifino’s resumes.

Matt and Kim
© October 2nd, 2012



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