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Words by Brittany Norvell

Subcultures collide as old school jazz and 21st century electronica have met their match-maker on Mocean Worker’s latest album Candygram for MoWo!

In his newest release, Adam Dorn (a.k a. Worker) blends classic big band sounds that play heavy on the horns and hard on the sharp notes with bouncy electronica-influenced beats. Together with a slew of other amazing talent including Steven Bernstein and Charlie Hunter, Dorn creates a modern hiptastic rhythm that’s sure to inject the sway straight into your soul.

When firing up the iPod to this producer/mixer’s latest endeavor, the Philly based funk master transports you to the 30‘s when big band was “IT” and most liquor was well, illegal. When you start an album with song titles like “Ya Damn Right” and “Sho Nuff” swaggering into the ‘ol earbuds, you know you’re on the way to the perfect late night party play-list.

In Dorn’s own words, “These ain’t good times, so why not have something that makes us feel good?” My thoughts exactly.

So to all you cool cats out there – relax, listen up, and indulge your inner hipster (beard not included) to the swinging sound of Candygram – a sweet fix for the soul.

Mocean Worker
“Candygram for Mowo!”
Red General Catalog
© September 27, 2011



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