Words by Brett Bodner

After former rhythm guitarist Steve Klein left the band, many fans wondered what would happen to the sound of New Found Glory. Would they still have that big, fun sound as a four piece? New Found Glory – singer Jordan Pundik, guitarist Chad Gilbert, bassist Ian Grushka and drummer Cyrus Bolooki – answered this question with an exclamation mark on their new record, Resurrection.

Resurrection is simply New Found Glory’s best release since Catalyst. It’s loud, catchy, filled with great lyrics and powerful gang vocals.

“Ready and Willing” is a song that will get stuck in your head all day, and it’s not a bad thing. It’s a song that’s right up there with “My Friends Over You” and “All Downhill From Here.”

“Stories of a Different Kind” is about where New Found Glory is today, making comparisons to other bands with lines like “You do it for money while I do it for a good time”, and finishing with a strong gang vocal to end the song.

Gilbert shines with solid hooks on “One More Round” and “Resurrection”, the latter of which features guest vocals from Terror’s Tom Vogel.

“Degenerate” contains one of the strongest verses on the entire record. The song slows to the steady chug of guitar while Pundik sings “I can’t be everywhere for everyone all the time/If I could, I would fix this whole world/All I ask of you/Never compromise/Never let the leeches try and suck out your soul”.

In an era where people go crazy buying singles from bands, New Found Glory has released an album where buying one single off it won’t be enough. Every song has something great to offer, and when listening to it from beginning to end is an enjoyable musical experience for the listener, while making your day a good one at the same time.

While many pop-punk bands have come and gone, New Found Glory have always been there. Resurrection proves that the band has no signs of slowing down and are ready and willing to take on the future.

New Found Glory
Hopeless Records
© October 7th, 2014



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