Words by Brielle Cotelo

In 2009, four guys from Long Island came together to form a band that would soon be named after their first song they made together: NGHBRS. It only took a year for this rock band to get noticed when their single ‘Bodies’ was picked up to be the soundtrack for the XBOX National Lacrosse League 2010 video game. The attention just fueled their fire to make their upcoming album Twenty One Rooms.

The band’s intention was to have a true sound throughout the album, so they recorded the whole thing live in an abandoned mansion, Cedarmere Estate in Roslyn Harbor, New York. The result is so pure and organic that Twenty One Rooms will have you feeling like you’re jamming out with them in the pit at Webster Hall.

NGHBRS kicks off their LP with the track ‘Hold Up Girl’, and the feel good vibe sets you up for what you are to expect throughout the album. ‘Dead Man’s Bluse’, another highlight, has a vintage blues influence in the beginning of the song, however, the band quickly switches gears and heads back into their unrefined style. The title track ‘Twenty One Rooms’ is one of the mellower songs and is placed nicely in the middle of the 11 tracks to change up the tempo. Leaving you with a ‘kiss on the cheek’ after an awesome date, NGHBRS finally ends their effort with the slower jams ‘Screwtape’ and ‘Green River’.

NGHBRS are definitely fearless when it comes to making their music as personal and unique as possible. I’m sure if they continue staying true to their sound, this East Coast band’s name will be heard a lot more often. This album definitely deserves a listen, because the next time you’ll hear something as raw as this is at a live show.

Take a tour of Twenty One Rooms, available July 16th!

“Twenty One Rooms”
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