Words by Brittany Norvell

If you’re into electric riffs that make you want to restring your air guitar, Radio Moscow has got the goods! Their newest album The Great Escape Of Leslie Magnafuzz is an eclectic mix of head-banging hard rock and psychedelic soulful vocals that will creep through your headphones to your ear hole’s delight.

The first song on their album, “Little Eyes,” hits you as hard as a mosh pit punch to the face! You may hear this and think you’ve got these guys figured out – until the track “Creepin” begins. Subtle melodies and the bluesy crooning voice of lead singer/guitarist Parker Griggs slows down the pace of the album, making their sound more reminiscent of The Black Keys on a heavy dose of acid.

Reviving the spirit of reverb pioneers Jimi Hendrix and Cream, The Great Escape… seamlessly interweaves classic rock and blues that experiments with both vocal and sound distortion. Griggs, Zach Anderson (bass), and Cory Berry (drums) carry their predecessor’s torch into 2011 with songs that simultaneously make your heart swoon while melting your face off. Near the end you’ll reach the track “Deep Down Below,” which best exhibits the true mojo of this power trio’s music.

With The Great Escape…, Radio Moscowtakes you on an ever-changing journey, displaying the best of a talented young band on the rise.

Radio Moscow
“The Great Escape of Ledlie Magnafuzz”
Alive Records
© October 11, 2011



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