Words by Ryan Kappy

Growing up under one roof in the little town of St. Joesph, Missouri, and listening to the same musical influences, the three young brothers in the garage punk band Radkey have a stronger creative bond than most siblings. Together Dee (guitar/vocals), Isaiah (bass/vocals), and Solomon (drums) released two EPs in 2013, and toured relentlessly to show off their talents throughout the country.

Fast forward to 2015 and the trio has released their debut full-length record, Dark Black Makeup – a thirteen track punk-infused showcase filled with Danzig-esque vocals, simple yet gritty chord progressions, and a driving rhythm section.

Different stylistic approaches shine throughout this debut, from the heart-pounding “Romance Down” to the blues-influenced “Best Friends”. Chaotic in nature, “Le Sons” and “Glore” are the heavy hitters of the record, with vocals reminiscent of Jello Biafra of Dead Kennedys fame. Tracks like these are likely to incite mosh pits in your living room – or any room, really.

With Dark Black Makeup, producer Ross Orton (Arctic Monkeys, M.I.A.) seems to have captured the tenacity of a young, hungry band on-the-rise. The record not only shows brotherly kinship, but a genuine passion for loud, unapologetic, in-your-face punk music.

‘Dark Black Makeup’
Little Man Records
© August 21st, 2015



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