Words by Lauren Sorce

I don’t know about you, but when I heard the title of this album, Shattered, the Rolling Stones tune immediately started playing in the back of my mind. Ironically so, this American Garage-Punk band from Memphis Tennessee, have somehow managed to capture that same vintage rock vibe as the Stones themselves.

Reigning Sound, whose members include, Greg Cartwright (lead vocals, guitar), Benny Trokan (bass), Mike Cantanese (Guitar), Mikey Post (drums), and Dave Amels (Organ), released Shattered early this July.

The album commences with, ‘North Cackalacky Girl’, a captivating tune; nostalgic by nature, as it’s Southern upbeat vibes will have you bopping in your seat. There is a strong familiarity within this track, as it resembles something the Stones would have done about 50 years prior, but now with Southern twist. Contrastingly, ‘Falling Rain’ is very modern day, as its folk rock sound and subtle hints of a tambourine, keep the track simple yet entrancing.

Next, we have ‘You Did Wrong’, a track that literally feels as though time has been warped and you’ve been placed back into to the 60’s. From the notorious synthesizer, to it’s vivacious vocals, everything about this track screams 60’s.

The most charming element about the entirety of this album is that it’s not strictly one distinct style. It appeals to a variety, due to the hints of different genres, that blend so effortlessly together, it’s as if they were supposed to be there in the first place. ‘My My’ is a perfect example of a versatile track as there’s a prominent bluesy kind of vibe, that’s powerful and simultaneously playful.

Most of the album is upbeat and lively, with only a few earnest tracks thrown into the mix. Songs like, ‘Baby, It’s Too Late’ and ‘Trying To Be the Man You Need’, hold a quiet, and soulful beat, that is undeniably cathartic and relatable.

Regardless of your music preference, this diverse album is sure to captivate your attention. Take every thought you had about new music, and shatter it, because this album is everything you liked from the past, and everything you want from the future. Put on your rain boots, because it’s Reigning Sound.

Reigning Sound
Merge Records
© July 15th, 2014



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