Words by Nadia Dar

If you’re looking for something a little dreamier for your summer soundtrack, then Silverbird’s EP Surface Life should do just the trick. It’s got just the right amount of reverb and brooding emotion to make it an album worth a listen.

One of the great things about this EP is its versatility. It starts off super mellow and reflective, and then bursts into an uplifting melody during the second track, ‘Honey You’re’. From there it evolves into a song called ‘With The Spirits’, which is what I would consider the best track on the album. It’s got this powerful early Radiohead meets Damon Albarn vibe that is pretty much impossible to resist clapping along to.

The band’s influences effortlessly shine through near the end of the album, specifically in the song Silverbird. There is a distinct sound of Sparklehorse immediately upon hearing the dark, foggy intro and once the haunting lyrics sink in, Wilco inevitably comes to mind.

Surface Life is an interesting and powerful start for Silverbird. It is one that establishes a wide variety of sounds while still proving the band’s consistency. It also does a wonderful job at showcasing each band member’s strengths, whether that is the terrific distorted guitar solo in ‘With the Spirits’ or the incredible vocal ranges in ‘When We Went to the Country’. These guys have created a sound with just the right blend of sophistication and weirdness, so if I were you, I’d check it out.

“Surface Life” EP
© May 27th, 2014



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