Words by Nadia Dar

Complete your summer soundtrack with the euphoric vibes of Smallpools’ debut album, Lovetap!. Its upbeat melodies, adventurous lyrics and infectious hooks are just about everything you could expect considering the success of their 2013 EP. Essentially, if you’re looking for a fun album to spin at your next rooftop party, you’ve come to the right place.

Lovetap! wastes no time, kicking off with the high-intensity track, “American Love”. The song is a beam of pure ecstasy as it not only captures the bubbly, carefree side of Smallpools but also the edgier, fast-paced traits as well. “American Love” transitions nicely into the album’s second track, “Killer Whales”, which presents a more optimistic and easy-going mix to the album.

One of the best things about this band is the rush of non-stop momentum they present in each song, and “Dreaming” proves just that. The song was actually the band’s first single released over two years ago, and yet somehow it still poses as one of my favorites on the record today. It’s a tune that won’t be easy to beat, however the band’s most recent single, “Karaoke” does prove as a pretty even match.

The rest of the record seems to keep the same lively, excitable pace up until about three quarters in, when the gears begin to shift a little. The title track is the first song on the album that starts to give off a bit of an edgier tone, which later resurfaces in the more aggressive and rambunctious song, “What’s That A Picture Of?”.

Overall the album is the perfect anthem for any summer dance party – it’s thrilling, cheerful and most importantly, entertaining. Judging by Lovetap!, it’s safe to say that not only can Smallpools put out a killer EP, but they can put out an even sweeter full-length album to back it up.

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