Words by Dan Schaffel

Superhuman Happiness is not just a band, it’s a state of mind. And their mantra rings true throughout Hands, the seven-piece’s new LP available via the Royal Potato Family. Led by Antibalas alum Stuart Bogie, Hands presents a fluent blend of uptempo rhythms and timid lullabies.

‘Our Favorite Part’ opens Hands, sending listeners into a dance-hall frenzy. Warming up with a call and response verse, the premiere drops into a wailing electric guitar loop further complemented by jungle beats care of the band’s horn section. It’s a party from the start, and the momentum continues through the catchy hooks of the following track, ‘I Can Hear You Calling’.

From ‘See Me on My Way’, a dreamy anthem clocking in at just over 7 1/2 minutes, to the meaty instrumental ‘Elevator Elation’, Hands showcases some definite substance in terms of song structure. And amid 80’s synth-melodies, ‘Second Heart’ contains a chorus with arguably the album’s deepest words, “There’s a second heart/second heart inside my heart”.

Core melodies that stand up through different musical realms make this effort work. While Hands is improvisational at times, it’s all a complete thought – an album full of live performance potential.

Superhuman Happiness
Royal Potato Family
© March 5th, 2013



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