Words by Brittany Norvell

Tame Impala came to prominence in 2010 with the release of their debut album InnerSpeaker, and their sophomore LP Lonerism finds the Australian rock band expanding on their colorfully psychedelic sound.

This newest album is a departure from the debut in the sense that it seems more mature – the band comes across as more confident, and less beholden to its old influences. A seductive, psychotropic masterpiece, Lonerism could be likened to putting MGMT, The Black Keys, and John Lennon in a blender. And though the album as a whole does hold on to you like the rising waves of an acid trip, make no mistake – this is not a Hunter S. Thompson-inspired 60’s soundtrack.

Tame Impala is able to achieve this new poly-phonic psych-beat sound by maximizing the use of the technology and tapping into the ever expanding, experimental spirit of psychedelic rock. Songs like ‘Music to Walk Home By’ and ‘Elephant’ take listeners on an electro wave journey – a superb mix of ‘band rocking their balls off’ on guitar, bass, and drums that is sure to leave your headphones smokin’.

Tame Impala
Modular Records
© October 9th, 2012



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