Words by Amanda Remling

The Antlers’ front man Peter Silberman can give Mariah Carey a run for her money in hitting the high notes. The Brooklyn based group originally started off as a solo project for Silberman, but luckily he stumbled upon Michael Lerner and Darby Cicci. The trio makes sweet, sweet music together. Burst Apart is the follow up album from the band’s 2009 Hospice. Right off the first track you can tell that Burst Apart is an album that comes from the heart of the band.

Upon listening to “I don’t want love,” you’re introduced to Silberman’s angelic voice. The track is beautifully put together as a whole and immediately get’s you thinking that if this song is so good you can’t even wait to hear what’s next. Track 2, “French Exit,” starts off sounding slightly like an 80’s song with tight guitar chords, and a steady keyboard beat that makes you feel like Patrick Swayze is going to suddenly appear in front of you, ready to break out into some dirty dancing. The 80’s feel immediately drops as soon as Silberman’s mesmerizing voice washes over. What completes the song is 20 seconds of a crazy robotic snake-like rattle.

“Parentheses” is just a plain eerie song. With a relaxed sounding alarm (I didn’t even know that was possible) echoing through the whole track, this song is perfect for the next zombie movie when they sweep through the dead abandoned streets. Once again the keyboard can be distinctly heard in the next track “No Windows,” which brings the 80’s like feel. Silberman’s voice reaches such high notes that at times I’m not sure if it’s a woman singing.

The band expresses their ordontophobia with “Every night my teeth are falling out.” Breaking out the banjo, the song is a faster paced tempo than previous tracks. This song will definitely be a track favorite with those who have had the common and terrible dream of having their teeth fall out.

Silberman’s voice takes a break with “Tiptoe,” which is a strictly instrumental song where you get to hear some horn. That amazing voice is back though for the rest of Burst Apart though. Unfortunately the album ends with a song that’s a big downer. “Putting the dog to sleep” is like Silberman is passing you a bottle of pills and saying I wish you the best of luck. With lyrics like “prove to me I’m not going to die alone,” along with the band’s melancholy background, I suggest you play some pop music after to make sure you’re not walking to the edge of that cliff.

A pretty calm and soothing album, it’s really Silberman’s voice that pulls the whole thing together. The swaying of The Antlers’ Burst Apart is the perfect addition to your indie album collection when it drops on May 10.

The Antlers
“Burst Apart”
Frenchkiss Records
© May 10th, 2011



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