Words by Brittany Norvell

For those of you familiar with the magical sound The Black Keys have been releasing on the music scene for the past decade or so, you’ll recognize the voice and creative genius of Dan Auerbach – frontman, guitarist, and lead vocalist for his “side project” band, The Arcs. After The Black Keys took a hiatus due to drummer Patrick Carney’s shoulder injury, The Arcs were formed, with Auerbach enlisting friends and like-minded musicians Leon Michaels, Nick Mavshon, Homer Steinweiss, Richard Swift, and Kenny Vaughan.

Yours, Dreamily, released September 4th on Nonesuch Records, was recorded over a two-week stint and has filled the void left by the Keys’ absence. Side project or not, the music on The Arcs’ debut album seems anything but an aside. Based on the cover art alone – a skull surrounded by flowers, darkly smiling through the black background – the listener knows they are in for something serious. And this LP delivers from the intro onward.

”Once We Begin” starts the LP out with the toiling harpsichord and muffled ring master voice, taunting you to listen further. Next comes “Outta My Mind”, the album’s first single, featuring predominant drums with an electric, upbeat vibe. “Put A Flower In Your Pocket” follows with a thick, soupy pace that sounds like a guitar is guiding you as you run through molasses. And while Yours, Dreamily showcases a collaborative effort between all members of The Arcs, the track “Stay In My Corner” is reminiscent of the Keys’ “Too Afraid to Love You”.

Overall, this record is a well-composed jam session, where each individual song is a piece of the band’s journey to the end. The Arcs have spent the last month running the media gauntlet, and they just announced UK, Europe, and US tour dates – so expect to see big things in the future.

The Arcs
“Yours Dreamily”
Nonesuch Records
© September 4th, 2015



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