Words by Dennis Ruhlin

Dust off your beer and grab your skateboard, the Black Lips are back! I joke, but seriously, this is an album to party to. It’s easy to listen to, really fun, and the lyrics are total bullshit. Don’t take anything seriously. Just live and have a good time.

The Peach State rockers’ newest album, Underneath The Rainbow, is a very enjoyable album through and through. It’s the kind of grimy punk you can clap along to and feel good about, despite covering subjects like obnoxious smartphone dependence, wild youths raising hell, getting arrested, and drinking.

It’s hard to describe the music. Really. It’s not punk, it’s not garage, it’s not pop punk. I’d say it’s 60’s garage meets fun acid fueled punk. Think minimal instrumental variety. And their lyrics aren’t too far off from that description. They’re completely ridiculous, and they don’t care! Neither should you. Don’t expect lyrical genius from a group of 30 year old punks who were known for puking and pissing during live performances. I say were because they’ve cooled out a lot, but are still pretty damn wild.

The Black Lips are still making music that sounds like it was (albeit perfectly) recorded hungover with hand me down instruments in a basement. It’s raw. It’s rude. It’s fun. This is the kind of music your parents want turned down. They’re pumping out the same flower punk jams they have been for 12+ years now, and it still isn’t old. Fuck growing up, let’s listen to some music and have a kick ass time, huh?

The Black Lips
‘Underneath the Rainbow’
Vice Music
© March 18th, 2014



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