Words by Keith Hadad

Atlanta’s finest, The Coathangers, return with the utmost strength and swagger on Nosebleed Weekend, their fifth and possibly best full-length album.

From the catchy-as-hell opener “Perfume” to the chilling finale that is “Copycat,” every track here is an absolute treasure. The entire record bristles with a fierce, no fucks-given attitude with snarling and serrated guitars, arrestingly powerful vocals as well as breakneck-paced drums and bass.

The Coathangers have made an art out of musically combining grit with polish, and this album is certainly no exception of this practice. For instance, on songs like “Make it Right” and “Dumb Baby,” the guitar and vocals are irresistibly smoky and jagged while the songs themselves are rich in delicious hooks and immensely catchy choruses all under a surprisingly clean and even production. These are the kind of songs one would want to shout along to with friends in the car and then find it difficult to not to hum them alone long after the fact.

With each song being superbly solid, it’s hard to pick out highlights, but the psycho-surf guitar filled “Watch Your Back” is too exciting not to mention. The bouncy high-speed rhythm, taunting vocal delivery and the aforementioned killer guitar work makes this possibly one of the best rock performances of 2016.

For those who like their garage punk rock to be thrilling, buzzing with life and completely uncompromising, The Coathangers might have released your new favorite album.

The Coathangers
‘Nosebleed Weekend’
April 15, 2016
Suicide Squeeze Records



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