Words by Nadia Dar

It seems The Fratellis have added some twang to their signature pop rock anthems on their new record, Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied. Recorded in LA with producer Tony Hoffer (Beck, Depeche Mode), the trio’s fourth studio album features an epic mix of country, blues, and indie rock sounds.

Together Jon (vocals/guitar/piano), Barry (bass) and Mince Fratelli (drums) managed to craft a number of high-energy tracks (see “Me and The Devil”) as well as a few sweet ballads (see “Desperate Guy”) that could easily double as lullabies.

Country vibes peek out on tracks like “Imposters (Little by Little)” and “Rosanna”, only to resurface again with a rowdier edge in “DogTown”.

Although the deep country twang was an interesting twist, the band still managed to keep their original sound present throughout the record as well. Tracks like “Baby Don’t You Lie to Me” and especially “Thief” prove that while the guys may be adding some new sounds, they still know how to stay true to their pop rock roots.

Overall the record is a step in a curious direction for The Fratellis – it’s certainly nice to hear them step out of their comfort zone. Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied is a fun melting pot of anthemic chants and down ‘n dirty vibes that is sure to have you and all your friends stomping along in a matter of minutes.

The Fratellis
‘Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied’
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© August 21st, 2015



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