Words by Brett Bodner

Afew months ago, lead vocalist Brian Fallon announced that The Gaslight Anthem’s fifth studio album, Get Hurt, was going to be completely different than anything they’ve ever done before.

Upon hearing this, I was terrified, and was convinced I would strongly dislike the new album. I’ve seen many bands like Linkin Park and Pearl Jam change their sounds to where it’s still good – but not great like it used to be. I feared the same fate for these New Jersey rockers.

Fortunately for myself and fans everywhere, what we got was an album that still sounds like The Gaslight Anthem.

“Stay Vicious” starts the album off with a kick in the teeth and a heavy guitar riff that will easily get stuck in your head. “1,000 Years” follows, and may be one of the best songs that band has ever written. The guitars bounce back and forth from a classic rock riff to the light guitar sound you’d hear on older material like “The Queen of Lower Chelsea.”

Hints of Handwritten, the band’s last release, can also be heard throughout Get Hurt, especially on “Break Your Heart,” which is this album’s version of “National Anthem.”

The album concludes with “Dark Places,” which is right on par with the final track on The ’59 Sound, “The Backseat.” As Fallon sings, “If I thought it would help I would drive this car into the sea,” you can almost hear “And in the backseats we just tried to find some room for our knees.”

Is this the same Gaslight Anthem of old? No. Albums like Sink or Swim and The ’59 Sound will never be topped or duplicated, but it doesn’t mean the band is heading into a downward spiral. They may sing about dark places on Get Hurt, but their career isn’t going there.

The Gaslight Anthem
“Get Hurt”
Island Records
© August 12th, 2014



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