Words by Lauren Sorce

Picture yourself in the late seventies, down south, having some great times with some close pals. Like the visual? Well The Wild Feathers, an alternative group from good ole’ Nashville, Tennessee, has your soundtrack to create that very scene.

This week, the band: Ricky Young (Guitar/Vocals), Joel King(Bass/Vocals), Taylor Burns (Guitar/Vocals), and Ben Dumas (drums), will release their totally rad sophomore album, Lonely Is A Lifetime, which was produced by Jay Joyce (Cage the Elephant, Wallflowers, Coheed and Cambria).

While the title track is probably one of their slower songs, it’s honestly one of the best, showcasing a bold instrumental accompaniment. But maybe slow isn’t your thing. Well, give “Overnight” a listen, and you’re sure to be dancing in your seat by the second verse. The song is, what I feel to be, the “fun” song in an otherwise deep album. “Goodbye Song”, is the most notably “chill” tune – while it’s more of a solemn song, the vibe it gives off is nothing short of a trippy, Woodstock-influenced jam session.

Might I mention, the guitar accompaniment throughout the entirety of this album, is just absolutely stellar. A great example of this is in, “Don’t Ask Me To Change”, where the lyrics are undeniably relatable and catchy, while the instrumentals entice you to maybe do a bit of air drumming?

Whatever your thing is – slow, fast or somewhere in between – this album has got you covered.

The Wild Feathers
“Lonely Is A Lifetime”
Warner Brothers
© March 11th, 2016



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